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Brewing – intermediate

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This course focuses on practical ways of learning how to create precise and efficient recipes and procedures for preparing coffee in various ways; how to control the degree of coffee grinding, water temperature and brewing time. An essential part of the training is gaining practical knowledge on the quality of the water and ways to purify it. The participants also learn how to determine the strength and the degree of an extraction of a brewed coffee using sensory skills.

The scope of the course:

– Coffee extraction process research history, the history of „specialty coffee”,
– The definitions related to the coffee extraction stages,% of TDS,% of extraction,
– Learning how to use the coffee quality control chart,
– Practice the use of the refractometer and its application – sensory analysis of various infusions and comparison with the results of % of TDS and % of extraction,
– Exercises in the field of sensory analysis of coffee prepared in multiple ways, with an emphasis on the ability to recognize the impact of individual factors such as degree and style of roast, water to coffee ratio, grinding degree, time of brew, water temperature and turbulence on coffee quality,
– The quality of water and its impact on the quality of the extraction process and the individual sensory attributes of coffee,
– Different ways of water treatment and gaining the ability to choose the right water treatment system depending on its quality,
– Analysis of the degree and quality of coffee grounds, depending on the method of coffee preparation and the type of grinder used.

Additional information:

  • Pre requirements: Barista Skills foundation course is recommended
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive exam results gives you the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate
  • Number of participants: 3 – 4 people
  • Duration of the course and certification: 8 hours a day (a 45-minute meal break is planned each day)
  • Price without SCA certificate: 1900 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)
  • Price with SCA certificate (only for SCA members): 2450 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)*
  • Non SCA members – additional payment for certificate: 1015 PLN (including VAT tax )

* certificates within the price granted only for SCA members with a current paid membership fee

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