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During the SCA Roasting Professional course, we work for 4 days. The two days are filled with coffee roasting practice only. Additional classes include exploring theoretical knowledge and a full-day exam, which is an excellent opportunity for further exercises in the field of roasting coffee. The practical part focuses on deepening the skills of controlling the stove and on the most important parameters of controlling the firing process. After completing the training, students gain the knowledge and experience that allows them to design any desired roasting profile on any coffee stove!

Pond this course introduces theoretical issues related to changes in the composition of organic and inorganic acids and volatile aromatics in coffee beans. Depending on the degree of roasting. Translating these issues into the selection of the method of roasting coffee depending on the target group of consumers and in the context of organizing your own business, which is a coffee roaster.

The course includes:

  • Green coffee storage and packaging conditions. How physico-chemical analysis of raw coffee can protect us against the risk of losing coffee quality.
  • To learn additional knowledge about the thermodynamic, physical and chemical processes taking place in coffee during its roasting.
  • Defects of roasted coffee – how do they arise and how do they affect the sensory profile of coffee?
  • The extractivity and solubility of the roasted coffee depending on the degree and style of its roasting.
  • Organic and inorganic acids in roasted coffee. How their composition changes and how they affect the coffee sensor, depending on the degree and style of its roasting.
  • Volatile aromatic compounds. How their composition changes and how they affect the coffee sensor, depending on the degree and style of its roasting.
  • Management of a roaster in a business context in the field of: planning green coffee purchases, stock management of green and roasted coffee, creation of coffee blends, “post” and “pre-blending”, work organization, equipment inspections and service.
  • The practical part of roasting coffee includes: control of the ROR temperature rise curve, control of the final temperature and color of the roasted coffee, thus efficiently planning the roast profile.
  • The practical part of roasted coffee tasting focuses on: recognizing the different roast profiles; recognizing roasting defects, recognizing sensory differences of coffee roasted at different times “developement”.

Additional information:

  • Requirements for participants: Roasting course at intermediate level required.
  • The training ends with a practical and theoretical examination online. Obtaining positive results of the exams gives the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate.
  • Number of participants: 2 to 4 people.
  • Course duration: 4 days, 8 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is provided for each day of the course).
  • Course price without SCA certificate: PLN 4,890 gross per person.
  • Price of the SCA-certified course (only for SCA members): PLN 5,890 gross per person. *
  • The price of the SCA-certified course for people from outside the SCA association: PLN 6,520 gross.

*Certificates are only priced for SCA members with a currently paid membership fee.

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