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The training is suitable for baristas who have extensive work experience and have completed the course and passed the exam at the intermediate level of the Coffee Skills system. At this level, knowledge about coffee and about the preparation of espresso-based drinks from both the scientific and business perspective is explored. This course is designed for people who want to scientifically explore knowledge and skills related to the quality of prepared coffee and excellent service for café guests.

The scope of the course:

– Getting to know the detailed information about the difference in the coffee beans density and size, different styles of a particular type of coffee processing, roasting styles and the freshness of a raw and roasted coffee,
– Acquiring knowledge about the chemical structure of coffee and how its components affect the sensory aspects of an espresso,
– Gaining the ability to create blends of different coffee grains depending on their origin, style of roasting and the desired sensory profile of an espresso,
– Principles of proper organisation and ergonomics of workflow in a café, with an emphasis on barista optimisation, performance, quality and speed,
– Learning the differences in the quality of an espresso depending on the type and construction of the burrs, the speed of grinding coffee and other,
– Usage of advanced tools for espresso quality control, such as refractometer and conductometer,
– Exercises in the field of espresso sensory: how the pressure and the temperature of an espresso extraction affects the quality of an individual espresso sensory attributes,
– Milk: types of milk processing, chemical aspects of cow’s milk ingredients behaviour (lipolysis, proteolysis, denaturation of proteins, enzymatic processes occurring in milk) and their influence on the taste and quality of milk based beverages,
– Exercises to improve the quality of the milky foam and latte art designs: heart, rosette, tulip, multi patterns,
– Customer service in a café : creating and designing menu (basic and seasonal), an atmosphere in a café, improving communication techniques, creating tools for measuring the customer satisfaction and for building long-term relationships,
– Café management: equipment maintenance and inspection procedures for: coffee grinder burrs, espresso machine seals and showers, water filtration system cartridges, water quality control and storage management skills,
– Café finance management: “food cost”, “beverage cost” analysis, margin, markup vs. café break-even point, procedures for minimising losses and fraud, managing the pricing policy of products.

Additional information:

  • Pre requirements: Barista Skills intermediate course is mandatory
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive exam results gives you the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate
  • Number of participants: 2 to 4 people
  • Duration of the course: three days, around 8 hours per day (a 45-minute meal break per day is planned each day)
  • Price without SCA certificate: 2800 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)
  • Price with SCA certificate (only for SCA members): 3500 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)*
  • Non SCA members – additional payment for certificate: 1445 PLN (including VAT tax )

* certificates within the price granted only for SCA members with a current paid membership fee

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