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Barista Skills – intermediate

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The training allows you to deepen your knowledge about the coffee itself, its species or botanical varieties. Develops sensory skills regarding espresso, practical skills to control its quality and others acquired at the basic level. Participants learn about the composition of milk, advanced techniques of steaming it, perfect the basic latte art patterns, and learn about the difference between frothing cow’s milk and plant-based drinks. They get to know the standards of guest service in-depth and gain business knowledge about the coffee industry. The course is intended for people who already work as baristas for at least six months.

The course includes:

  • Getting to know the detailed information related to the origin of coffee, its botanical varieties, learning to distinguish coffee according to its origin, treatment or roasting.
  • Learning basic information about how the method of roasting coffee affects its physico-chemical properties, coffee sensors and extractivity.
  • Principles of proper organization and ergonomics of work in a cafe with an emphasis on optimization, efficiency, quality and speed of the barista’s work.
  • Learning the differences in the preparation of an espresso depending on the type and quality of the coffee beans used (type, degree of roast, freshness).
  • Improving the technique of distributing and tamping coffee with the use of accessories that facilitate the control of the quality and repeatability of espresso preparation.
  • Espresso sensorics: the ability to determine the quality of individual espresso sensory attributes.
  • Milk: composition, structure, advanced techniques of steaming cow and vegetable milk, quality control.
  • Practicing and perfecting basic latte art patterns: heart, rosette and / or tulip.
  • Hygiene and work safety behind the bar: personal hygiene, standardization of processes related to GHP, GMP and HAACP systems.
  • Customer service in a cafe: building a menu, atmosphere in a cafe, improving communication techniques and standardizing order fulfillment and behavior in contact with cafe guests.
  • Learning the basics of financial management in a coffee shop.

Additional information:

  • Requirements for participants: recommended Barista Skills course at the basic level. The ability to make basic latte art patterns – heart, rosette, tulip. At least 6 months of work in a café.
  • The training ends with an online practical and theoretical exam. Obtaining positive results of the exams gives the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate.
  • Number of participants: 3 to 4 people.
  • Duration of the course: two days, 8 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is planned for each day of the course).
  • Course price without SCA certificate: PLN 1,990 gross per person.
  • Price of the SCA-certified course (only for SCA members): PLN 2,555 gross per person. *
  • The price of the SCA-certified course for people from outside the SCA association: PLN 2,990 gross.

* certificates are priced only for SCA members with a currently paid membership fee.

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