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Roasting – Intermediate

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The SCA Roasting Intermediate Course takes your roasting skills to the next level. The premise of this course is that participants already have some experience in roasting coffee, but want to broaden their scientific knowledge behind roasting and gain experience in controlling the roasting process, while learning how to create qualitatively stable products. Participants delve into theoretical principles of roasting such as heat transfer mechanisms, roasting profiling, how the physical structure of the bean changes, and how this affects the sensory profile of the final coffee brew. 3-day course including theory, hands-on exercises, coffee roasting exam and roasting profile tasting.

The Course includes:

  • Measure, collect and analyze data from raw and roasted coffee measurements.
  • Temperature and heat issues. How to interpret the ROR temperature rise curve as part of expanding knowledge in the field of roasted coffee profiling.
  • Maillard and caramelization reactions.
  • Types of heat energy transfer to coffee beans.
  • Units for measuring the color of roasted coffee, types of colorimeters and their use in the coffee quality assurance system in the roaster.
  • The use of stoves for micro-roasting of coffee, the so-called “Sampler” for samples.
  • Discussion of exemplary coffee sampling procedures before its purchase and the necessary equipment.
  • Discussion of operating procedures and methods of production management in order to increase its efficiency, work safety and business profitability.
  • Learning to roast coffee in order to obtain its decent color using different roasting profiles.
  • Learning to roast coffee to a different degree / color in the context of different end times and different “developmenet” times of the entire process.
  • Understand the difference in using coffee sensory testing to assess raw material quality versus assessing the roast profile.
  • Use of sensory descriptive and exclusion tests when analyzing different roast profiles to understand the effect of roast profile on coffee flavor and aroma.
  • Sensory evaluation of coffee in order to detect and describe the differences resulting from the use of different “development” times.
  • Sensory evaluation of coffees roasted to different profiles, but with the same color of roasted beans.
  • Sensory evaluation of properly roasted coffee and coffees with roasting defects.

Additional information:

  • Requirements for participants: recommended Roasting course at the basic level and a minimum of 6 months of work in a coffee roaster.
  • The training ends with an online practical and theoretical exam. Obtaining positive results of the exams gives the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate.
  • Number of participants: 2 to 4 people.
  • Duration of the course: 3 days, 8 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is provided for each day of the course).
  • Course price without SCA certificate: PLN 3,390 gross per person.
  • Price of the SCA-certified course (only for SCA members): PLN 3950 gross per person. *
  • The price of the SCA-certified course for people from outside the SCA association: PLN 4,410 gross.

* Certificates are only priced for SCA members with a currently paid membership fee.

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