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Sensory Skills – foundation


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The course allows you to learn what sensory analysis is as a scientific discipline, how the human organs responsible for taste and aroma works. Students will learn five basic flavours and fundamental groups of aromas present in a coffee nad how to define sensory characteristics such as body, mouthfeel or flavour. The practical part of the training is focused on getting familiar with the procedure, purpose and standards of professional cupping.

The scope of the course:

– Getting to know the basic knowledge of sensory analysis and its importance during a coffee tasting,
– The physical construction of human senses involved in the sensory analysis of coffee: taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing,
– Exercises in the field of detection of 5 basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami,
– Activities in the area of detection of fundamental groups of aromas present in coffee with the use of Le Nez Du Café aromas and the SCA wheel of flavours,
– Body and texture – definitions, differences and characteristic features,
– Exercises in the detection of bitter and sour taste and body in a coffee,
– Acquiring knowledge about the definition and protocol of coffee tasting meeting the Specialty Coffee Association requirements,
– Basic concepts and definitions regarding coffee tasting and sensory attributes,
– Learning how to carry out professional cupping under the SCA standard.

Additional information:

  • Pre requirements: no experience required
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive exam results gives you the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate
  • Number of participants: 4 – 6 people
  • Duration of the course and certification: 8 hours (a 45-minute meal break is planned)
  • Price without SCA certificate: 750 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)
  • Price with SCA certificate: 950 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)

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