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The highest level of brewing training is focused on improving the participants’ independent work in terms of planning coffee recipes, modifying brewing parameters, using the SCA Coffee Brewing Control Chart and preparing infusions of various strength and extraction levels. The emphasis was placed on identifying properly brewed coffee not only with a refractometer, but also with individual sensory tools.

The course includes an exercise referring to the formula of the compulsory competition of the Brewers Cup Championship competition, which facilitates independent work on a coffee recipe, not only for future players.

The topic of coffee water has been extended to include various methods of its filtration and the participants’ independent creation of water solutions with a different degree of mineralization and composition.

The course includes:

  • 7 factors according to SCA that influence coffee extraction and brew quality.
  • Additional parameters that may influence coffee extraction: degree of roasted coffee, dripper material and shape of the brewing device, comparative tests.
  • Filter coffee maker: modifying brewing parameters, preparing correct recipes.
  • Correct application of the bypass method, test of infusions of various dilution degrees.
  • The impact of the grinder burrs on the quality of the brew.
  • Brewers Cup competition: compulsory competition. Assessment criteria, simulation of professions, discussion of printed matter.
  • Exercises in recipe planning and preparation of infusions with different% extraction and% TDS using gravity and immersion methods.
  • Improving the description of coffee infusions, sensory identification of properly brewed coffee, modification of recipes.
  • Refining recipes using beans with different degrees of firing and processing.
  • Revision of the most important concepts of coffee water chemistry: total hardness, carbonate hardness, buffer capacity, pH, methods and devices for testing the above parameters.
  • Various recommendations for the mineral composition of coffee water.
  • Independent design and preparation of water for coffee with different mineral composition.
  • Protection of coffee equipment against limescale and corrosion, index LSI.
  • The influence of different mineralization of water on the extraction and sensorics of the infusion.
  • Various water filtration systems, selection of appropriate filtration systems to meet the needs.


Additional information:

  • Requirements for participants: Intermediate level Brewing course required.
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive results of the exams gives the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate.
  • Number of participants: 3 to 6 people.
  • Duration of the course: 3 days, approximately 8 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is provided for each day of the course).
  • Course price without SCA certificates: PLN 3,200 gross per person.
  • Price of the SCA-certified course (only for SCA members): PLN 4,220 gross. *
  • The price of the SCA-certified course for people from outside the SCA association: PLN 4,730 gross.

* Certificates are priced only for SCA members with a currently paid membership fee.

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