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Sensory Skills – professional

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The training is intended for people who want to professionally assess the quality of coffee using various types of sensory tests, with particular emphasis on the SCA cupping procedure. The course is focused on the in-depth development of the participants’ sensory skills, taking into account the specificity of the coffee industry. In addition to practical exercises, the theoretical part concerning sensory analysis as a scientific field has been expanded.

The course includes:

  • The participation of human senses in sensory analysis: sense of taste, smell, sensation and perception, sensory sensitivity thresholds.
  • The acidity in coffee: an exercise in recognizing the different acids in coffee.
  • Basic flavors: an exercise on gradations of different intensities of a mixture of basic flavors.
  • Modulation of basic flavors in coffee.
  • Practical application of sensory analysis in the coffee industry.
  • Various types of sensory tests with an emphasis on descriptive and consumer tests.
  • Errors in sensory analysis.
  • Raw and roasted coffee defects: theory and exercises in recognizing them in brewed coffee.
  • Exercises in describing the positive qualities of coffee flavor.
  • Descriptive sensory profiling: theory and practical exercise.
  • Cupping SCA: procedure, calibration, evaluation of coffee with printouts, discussion of the results.

Additional information:

  • Requirements for participants: Intermediate Level Sensory Skills course required.
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive results of the exams gives the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate.
  • Number of participants: 4 to 6 people.
  • The duration of the course in the 3-day version: 3 days, 8 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is planned for each day of the course).
  • Duration of the course in the 4-day version: 4 days, 7 hours each (a 45-minute meal break is planned for each day of the course).
  • Course price without SCA certificates: PLN 3,990 gross per person *
  • Price of the SCA-certified course (only for SCA members): PLN 4,990 gross per person *
  • The price of the certificate for people from outside the SCA association: PLN 5,520 gross per person.

* Certificates are priced at a discount only to SCA members with a currently paid membership fee.


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