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Sensory Skills – intermediate


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The training is a development of the foundation level. Participants learn the differences between objective and subjective assessment of coffee and how to build a sensory panel used for coffee testing. They learn the purposes of the sensory panel work and what competencies are required from its members. During the training, sensory attributes of coffee are analysed: acidity, bitterness, astringency/sourness, body, sweetness and flavour quality. Positive and negative characteristics of the coffee are defined. The aim of the training is also to get acquainted with possible errors in sensory analysis and various types of sensory tests of coffee.

The scope of the course:

– Differences between objective and subjective assessment of coffee,
– How to build a sensory panel of people responsible for testing quality of coffee and what is its purpose and which competencies it requires,
– Analysis of sensory attributes of coffee such as astringency, body, sweetness, texture,
– Definition of positive and negative attributes of coffee and building functional description of coffee attributes like body, texture, acidity,
– The diversity of aromas and flavours in coffee,
– How to run a professional cupping session,
– Finding individual detection thresholds of sourness, sweetness, bitterness based on tests carried out in accordance with ISO standards*,
– What mistakes can be made during the sensory analysis of coffee and how to avoid them?
– What are discrimination/exclusion tests in sensory analysis and for what purpose are they used?
5 to 8* cupping sessions, thanks to which the sensory experience will be built, it deepens the individual sensory sensitivity and enriches the stock of words that help to professionally determine the various attributes of coffee.

Additional information:

  • Pre requirements: Sensory Skills foundation course is recommended
  • The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam. Obtaining positive exam results gives you the opportunity to receive the SCA certificate
  • Number of participants: 4 – 6 people
  • Duration of the course and certification: 8 hours a day (a 45-minute meal break is planned each day)
  • Price without SCA certificate: 2000/ 2500* PLN  per person (including VAT tax)
  • Price with SCA certificate (only for SCA members): 2500/ 3000 PLN  per person (including VAT tax)**
  • Non SCA members – additional payment for certificate: 965 PLN (including VAT tax )

** certificates within the price granted only for SCA members with a current paid membership fee

* applies to the 3-day version of the course

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