Training in accordance with the Coffee Skills education program by the Specialty Coffee Association is an opportunity to cooperate with inspiring people working for very well-known companies. At the end of 2018, Coffee Support started to cooperate with Nestle Poland. All this to make, in 2019, five employees of the Nestle Professional department have completed the full range of Coffee Skills training in the field of Barista Skills, Brewing and Sensory Skills. These courses, completed with an exam, will raise the knowledge and qualifications of the entire team, increase the experience and prepare them to share the acquired knowledge and skills with other employees of the company.

Each participant will receive a worldwide recognized diploma which confirms their high qualifications. The first quarter of 2019 is Sensory Skills training in the field of sensory analysis of coffee. Brewing and Barista Skills training will take place in the following months.
The professionalism of Nestle Polska employees manifests in their daily work. We are proud to be part of the company’s project to raise the qualifications of all members of the Nestle Professional team working with whole bean coffee in Poland. We are also happy to cooperate with Nestle Poland in other areas in the near future.