What is SCA?

The abbreviation SCA stands for Specialty Coffee Association. Its mission is to improve the quality standards of coffee worldwide. SCA supports the coffee industry around the world through research, education,organizing coffee related championships, facilitating mutual communication for industry employees. The SCA standards are followed during the coffee quality assessment procedures.

SCA has its departments in many countries worldwide, also in Poland.

We strongly encourage to visit SCA webpage and read more about this organization : https://sca.coffee

What is Coffee Skills Program?

It is an training scheme created with the use of SCA the best standards and scenarios. The best coffee experts from around the world were involved in its creation. The program was developed as a response to the educational needs of employees from various sectors of the coffee industry.

The trainings is divided into five sections:

  • Sensory Skills – knowledge and skills in sensory analysis and coffee quality evaluation.
  • Barista Skills – for baristas who works with an espresso machine, coffee grinders, espresso, milk and coffee-based beverages. For latte art skills enthusiasts as well as for café owners or managers who are responsible for the workplace organisation, customer service and sales techniques.
  • Brewing Skills – trainings focused on brewing coffee using domestic methods, such as Chemex, Aeropress, french-press and other. They allow to gain knowledge on water treatment systems and water quality and to learn essential brewing chemistry and sensory aspects of brewed coffee.
  • Green Coffee
  • Roasting

SCA Coffee Skills Program training individual and group price list:

Foundation level (1 day) 185 euro (excluding VAT tax)
Intermediate level (2 days) 420 euro (excluding VAT tax)
Intermediate level (3 days) 430 euro (excluding VAT tax)
Professional level (3 days) 650 euro (excluding VAT tax)

For information about trainings for companies and larger groups, please contact office@coffee-support.com

Can I take part in an Intermediate SCA Coffee Skills Program training, if I have not previously participated in a Foundation level training?

Yes, you can start your education at the Intermediate level. It all depends on the level of knowledge and skills of a person interested in the training. However, in order to take part in the Professional level training, it is necessary to pass the Intermediate exam successfully.

Can I take the exam without attending the course?

It is possible only if the person who wants to take the exam joins the currently conducted course of a given subject and at a specific level. If you are interested, please contact us in advance at office@coffee-support.com.

Check our fanpages to find information about upcoming exams:

Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/CoffeeSupportTraining/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coffeesupport.com.pl/

What are the benefits of obtaining an SCA certificate after passing the Coffee Skills Program training exam?

SCA is the most well-known association in the specialty coffee industry. The English language certificate that graduates receive after each training officially confirms their skills and knowledge around the world.

Where can I find information on current trainings and Coffee Support educational offer?

Information about current trainings and workshops can be found on the Coffee Support website in the training-calendar section.

We also publish them on :
our Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/CoffeeSupportTraining/
and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coffeesupport.com.pl/

If you are interested you can sign up to our newsletter. Contact us about that at office@coffee-support.com and we will put your email address on the distribution list.

Is buying a certificate mandatory?

It is not mandatory. You can participate in the training, take the exam, but don’t have to purchase the certificate. To enter the professional level training, you must pass the intermediate exam and buy the level certificate.

Price list of SCA Coffee Skills Program certificates

Prices for the members of SCA with a valid membership status:

foundation level: 60 euro (excluding VAT tax)
intermediate level: 100 euro (excluding VAT tax)
professional level: 180 euro (excluding VAT tax)

Prices for the SCA non-attached or members without a valid membership status:

foundation level: 60 euro  (excluding VAT tax)
intermediate level: 180 euro  (excluding VAT tax)
professional level: 270 euro  (excluding VAT tax)

Trainings location

Trainings take place at the Coffee Support headquarters in Katowice at Teatralna 10 Street. They are conducted in a separated, professional training room, equipped with the highest-quality barista equipment, such as Victoria Arduino espresso machine, Mahlkonig and Fiorenzato coffee grinders, Fetco and Moccamaster pour-over machine, projector and all other necessary accessories.
Coffee Support also conducts external trainings. For more information, please contact office@coffee-support.com

Can I buy a gift voucher for one of your trainings?

Yes, you can find them on our Website in the Shop section. For personalised orders, please contact office@coffee-support.com

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