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The Coffee Support team consists of people with years of expertise in the field of specialty coffee. We are happy to share our skills and professional, practical knowledge. We are continuously providing training and consultation to the current and future owners of companies from the gastronomy and food industry.

We assist cafés in having a successful, thinked through beginning of their business. We solve the problems of existing restaurants. We provide tool and mens to prevent possible problems. Also, by having an extensive network of contacts that reaches beyond the industry, we can take up most of the challenges ahead of us.


Training curriculum offered by Coffee Support is conducted under the trustful and worldwide recognised education system Coffee Skills Program by an international association of high-quality coffee – Specialty Coffee Association, which we are a longtime member and active partner. The training is carried out by an authorised trainer of this renowned organisation.

For cafés, restaurants and other premises where coffee is essential, we also offer individual courses in the field of industry skills, essential for the base stuff, baristas, shift managers and ‘head baristas’. The ‘Barista’ courses are conducted on three levels of advancement.

Our trainings can be tailored to your specific needs and uniqueness of your premises.


We are providing consultation at every life stage of your café. We help in:

  • creating the interior concept of a cafe,
  • planning a comfortable and practical space behind the bar,
  • the process of purchasing the coffee equipment tailored to your needs and budget,
  • proces of the creation of menus, beverage recipes,
  • proces of the creation of procedures for the best practices of customer service and work efficiency to your employees.


We are fully aware of the latest industry trends and the fast-growing consumer awareness, therefore we also offer audits and help in recognizing existing problems to prevent them from re-emerging. Basing on the outcome of the audit, we can create an improvement program for your business.

For the coffee roasteries and quality control departments of food companies, we offer a training program from the field of sensory analysis and quality control. It is necessary for the education in this branch of the industry to be based on the recognised and proven knowledge and standards around the world. Therefore, Coffee Support offers only trustworthy certified Sensory Skills training, standardised and sanctioned by the global organisation Specialty Coffee Association.

Contact us

To be able to prepare the consultation that meets your professional needs, we encourage you to contact us directly, to arrange a meeting during which we will determine the scope of our cooperation. The analysis of all the answers provided during the session will allow us to propose practical solutions in accordance with the specificity of your business.

We kindly ask to send all cooperation requests to an email address: or by using the contact form on our website

We can also be reached directly via telephone: +48 791 033 177.

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