Barista training - advanced level

The training is designed for people with basic knowledge and experience at working in a café . Recommended for shift managers, ‘head baristas’ and team supervisors, who want to support their crew of bar employees in competent way. The course will increase your ability to control the quality and workflow efficiency on an espresso grinder and an espresso machine. Knowledge and skills gained during the training will make caffe cappuccino or espresso a speciality of your bar.

The scope of the course:

  • Getting detailed knowledge on to the origin of the coffee and its botanical varieties and learning how to distinguish between coffees based on a terroir, a degree of roast and type of bean processing method,
  • Principles of proper organisation and ergonomics of the workflow in a café , with a focus on barista optimisation, performance, quality and speed of work,
  • Hygiene and work safety behind the bar and essential technical aspects related to the coffee grinder and the coffee machine (water quality control, replacement of seals, coffee grinder burr or filter cartridges replacements etc.),
  • Improving the techniques of distribution and tamping of coffee, with the use of accessories that help to control the quality and consistency of the espresso prepared,
  • Sensory espresso: the ability to determine the quality of an espresso based on its taste and aroma characteristics,
  • Exercising and improving milk steaming techniques and nailing basic latte art designs: heart, rosette and tulip,
  • Customer service in a café: the atmosphere in a coffee shop, improving the communication techniques, standardising the the order filling process and crew behaviour in contact with the guests.

Additional information:

  • Number of participants: 3 to 4 people
  • Duration of the course: two days, around 6 hours per day (one 30-minute break per day is foreseen during the session)
  • Price: 1200 PLN per person (including VAT tax)

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