Barista training - basic level

The basic barista training is designed for people without experience, just starting at their job in the gastronomy industry. During the course the students will acquire knowledge and skills, that will allow them to work with an espresso machine and a grinder in a safe and comfortable manner and to prepare basic beverages like espresso, caffé cappuccino, caffé latte or caffé americano.

The scope of the course:

  • How to use and set a coffee grinder,
  • How to use and set an espresso machine,
  • How to prepare an espresso using professional distribution and tamping technique,
  • How to recognize under and over extracted espresso,
  • Learning how to steam milk and prepare basic coffees like caffé cappuccino, caffé latte, americano and flat white,
  • Cleaning and proper handling of an espresso grinder and an espresso machine.

Additional information:

  • Number of participants: 3 – 4 person
  • Duration of the course: around 6 hours (one 30-minute break is planned during the session)
  • Course price: 600 PLN per person (including VAT tax)

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